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Precautions for taking classes

(1) Let's keep time





(3) In a safe environment


Both face-to-face and online, when the lesson starts, we will start without waiting for your child to be late.

In the case of online lessons, it may be aggravated by dancing when you are injured or on a cold day.

Please consider each family so that it is not unreasonable to participate in the lesson on that day.

Please prepare an environment where you can safely engage in dance so that you do not "stumbled on something that had fallen on the floor" or "hit the corner of an empty chest of drawers and got injured" while taking an online lesson.

(4) Let's say hello

Say hello to your teachers and classmates as you enter the studio.

Feel free to talk with your friends before the lesson.

If you are attending an in-studio lesson, or if you or your family have a cold, please take a break from the face-to-face lesson.

For face-to-face lessons, wearing a mask is mandatory.

In addition, we give guidance while paying the latest attention so as not to get injured.

Be sure to follow the instructor's guidance.

(2) Do not overdo your body
Other notes

* Please note that we are not responsible for any accidents during the class.

* We are not responsible for any malfunction of the terminal you are using during the course.

* A part of each lesson will be recorded for instructional recording.

Please refrain from using or reprinting the photos and images on this site without the permission of the administrator.

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