Let's do yoga to know your body and build a body that can move for a long time!


Youth Yoga class
Target age: 10 years old ~
$ 15 per lesson (in-studio/ online lesson)

October Schedule

*4th   Wednesday 

*11th Wednesday

*17th Tuesday

*24th Tuesday

​All class  4:30~5:50pm
Message from the instructor

Practice breathing, standing and sitting yoga pose exercises, meditation and relaxation.


By practicing breathing, I feel like I'm here now

In standing yoga practice, you can relax your body and make your whole body feel good by moving your consciousness to every corner of your body.

Sitting yoga practice gives you more flexibility.

Meditation practice can help calm and refresh your busy thinking. At the end of the lesson, you will be completely relaxed.


Through yoga practice, get to know yourself, widen and strengthen your body's range of motion,

Building a healthy body is a great way to develop a healthy mind.


Beginners should definitely join the lesson and experience the comfort of yoga together.

Teacher: Miho Klein

National Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hours Advanced Teacher "E-RYT200"