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"We will perform to inspire those who have seen our dance! 』

It is a dance crew who is practicing with the motto.


By experiencing the joy of dancing without being bound by each genre, we have organized lessons so that you can become a dancer who can handle any style of dance in the future.

​All classes will be conducted in Japanese​ ..

Through dance ...

​Make an active life a habit

Life in the United States where car movements increase.

Also, as the school year progresses, the school becomes busy, and the lives of children who tend to spend most of the day sitting down.

By practicing the gestures you learned in the dance lessons every day, you can expect not only to improve your skills but also to get into the habit of exercising on a daily basis.

In the future, I hope that this habit of exercising moderately every day will make you a mentally and physically healthy adult.

Gain concentration and observation

It takes concentration to learn the swings yourself in each lesson.

Dance requires not only simple movements such as "raising hands and bending knees" but also observing ability such as "how to raise hands and how much to bend knees?".

As the class goes up againIt is necessary to pay attention to the state other than the body part that is moved, and further improvement of observation ability can be expected.

​Make special friends

Friends who have the same goal of finishing one work regardless of age and genderIsn't it something special?

We hope that you will always encourage each other and help each other to make memorable friends for the rest of your life.

With confidence in public

Showing something with the eyes of the audience is tense no matter how much experience you have.

However, it is preparation to release the tension even a little.

For dance performances, the preparation is practice.

By practicing every day, you will be confident in your dance and want someone to see the results.

I believe that such a well-prepared performance will inspire the viewer.

I'm sure this experience will be useful in situations other than dance in the future.

It is a class organization for the 2021-2022 season.

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